Here at B2B Catering Equipment Suppliers we offer a variety of products for commercial kitchens. Whether it’s glassware, crockery and cutlery or refrigeration we have everything you need for your catering needs. Our products are quality guaranteed. Wake up to Service that delivers. Request a quote with us today.

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    Bowls/Hot Beverage
    Cutlery and Serving equipment

We sell platters for serving starters or for food presentation. Crockery which includes plates dishes and cups to serve all your foods and beverages in. We sell bowels in all shapes and forms for any kind of food preparation or serving. Cutlery is important for dressing a table for certain occasions and meals, we sell all the cutlery you would need for dining. We provide all the serving equipment necessary for a commercial kitchen including trays, casserole dishes and serving jugs.

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    Measuring units
    Bakery appliances
    Butchery,Hand Utensils
    Tongs , thermometers and knives

Your Butchery can be kitted out with all the equipment you need to cut, chop or grind meats. Hand utensils such as whisks, serving spoons and peelers are ideal items for every functioning kitchen. We sell measuring units such as scales and measuring cups and baking appliances for all your baking needs. Knives to slice and chop foods to perfection.

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    Bowls/Wine Glasses
    Tumblers/Beer Glasses
    Hot Beverage Glassware

Our glassware will ensure you have all the equipment necessary to serve all types of food and beverages. Decanters to hold your wine once the bottles have been opened. Every shape and size of wine glasses imaginable for red, white, rose or champagne. We have an array of beer glasses and tumblers. If you need glassware to serve beverages, we can provide it for you.

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    Ovens and Stoves
    Toasters/Microwave ovens
    Convection ovens/Chip dumps
    Chafing Dishes/Grillers and Fryers
    Pizza Ovens/Plate warmers/Pie Warmers

Whatever you need to cook or bake we will provide your kitchen with a variety of ovens and stoves. Microwave ovens for warming up foods for guests. Grillers and fryers for chips and deep-fried foods and plate warmers that will make sure your food is served hot.

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    Ice Machines/Cold Food Bars
    Walk in fridge and freezers
    Display fridges/Juice Dispensers
    Fridges and Freezers – stand alone /undercounter
    Cake display fridges – counter top and free standing

We can provide your kitchen with all the equipment necessary for keeping food and beverages cold from Ice machines, walk-in fridges and freezers to cake display fridges. If it needs to be kept cool and fresh, we can provide that for you. We also have juice dispensers that will keep your juices cool and refreshing for customers.

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    Ladies Housekeeping
    Disposables aprons/headgear/gloves
    Table cloth and skirting/Serviettes
    Chefs jackets/aprons/hats and beanies

Your staff need to have the correct kit to work in the kitchen, we sell aprons, head gear and gloves, to keep staff and food clean and bacteria free. Tablecloths and serviettes to decorate dining tables and chef jackets in all shapes and sizes, that will make your chefs look neat and presentable in the kitchen.

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    Baking trays
    Pots and Pans
    Casseroles pots
    High heat utensils
    Meat trays/Stock pots
    Chopping blocks/Food pans

Your kitchen can be fully stocked with all the cookware necessary to bake, roast, fry and boil. We will provide you with baking trays and pots and pans of all sizes. Chopping blocks for vegetables, meat etc. Meat trays to serve with or cook your meats.

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    Hot beverages dispensers
    All ranges of chafing dishes
    All Induction hobs and stands
    Soup urns/Cold displays/Juice dispensers
    Coffee pots/Stands/Display dishes/platters/bowls

If you need to prepare food for a buffet in your kitchen, look no further. We sell coffee pots fr breakfast buffets, hot beverage dispensers, Soup urns to keep soup warm whilst serving. If you need to display cakes, cheeses or fruit our cold display is perfect to keep everything cool and fresh.

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    Racks and storage
    Dishwashers and Glass washers
    Mobile dolly/Brooms and Brushes
    Buckets and mops/Sponges/Signage

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is simple with us. We can provide you with Racks and storage for all your kitchen ware. Dishwashers and brooms, brushes, and buckets to ensure you have everything you need to keep a clean hygienic kitchen.